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Impact Martin Sheen on Homepathic Medicine

Posted on May 1 2013 in Impact Martin Sheen, Impact PBS, Impact with Martin Sheen, Martin Sheen Impact, Martin Sheen PBS, www.impactptv.com

Impact Martin Sheen on Homepathic Medicine

Impact with Martin Sheen explores several different aspects of the medical field, and one area that is getting attention is the growth in homeopathic and all-natural remedies.

The TV program at www.impactptv.com is looking into the popularity of these remedies even in a time when traditional medicine has made so many advances.

Homeopathic remedies represent a more than $800 million business in the US. With the internet, more people are accessing information about these alternative treatments and considering them as an option.

For many people, the low cost and the fact that the remedies are natural are powerful draws to these compounds. Over the years, people have become more and more concerned about the chemicals in their bodies through traditional medication, and the homeopathy industry is a response to that.

The traditional medical world has reservations about the growing popularity of these products. Some experts tell Martin Sheen PBS that since homeopathic remedies are not subject to the same clinical trials as medication, their effectiveness is not clear.

Other doctors warn that people can become too dependent on homeopathic remedies at the expense of proven medications for serious diseases like cancer or high blood pressure. Additionally, without proper monitoring it is difficult to understand the different effects these remedies have on each individual, who can have different results.

With more and more information online about these remedies, the popularity of homeopathic medicine is sure to continue to grow.

The TV show Impact Martin Sheen will continue to monitor the popularity of homeopathic medicine. Over the coming months, the broadcast will be presenting more information on this industry for public television audiences.

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