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Impact Martin Sheen on Identifying Learning Disorders

Education is an issue that affects millions of Americans. From the child in the classroom to the business owner who is waiting on the next generation of American workers, our educational system is an important part of our future.

Impact with Martin Sheen is exploring this important issue and how teachers are playing an important role in shaping our future. One of the things the TV program is looking into is how teachers and other professionals are helping improve the educational outcomes for children with learning disabilities.

Teachers around the country are now equipped with the tools to identify children who may be struggling in the classroom because of a learning disability. After consulting with parents, the process can begin to help find the right environment for these children to get the most out of school.

Professionals from the medical field, therapists, speech pathologists and others who have expertise dealing with learning disorders can undertake the process of diagnosing and developing remedies for children with learning disorders. Working as a team, these experts can help craft a suitable way for the child to receive the all important education that will have a huge influence in the child’s life.

Using a combination of specialized diagnostic testing, sessions with therapists and pathologists and past school performance both in grades and in behavior, these highly trained people can help pinpoint a child’s learning disability.

One the problem has been isolated the team can then develop a new path for a child that may require an alternative to the traditional classroom setting.

The TV program Impact Martin Sheen is hoping to hear from more experts in the field of child learning disorders. The producers are working on more stories about how our educational system is building our future. The reports will be for public television audiences and will also be available online at www.impactptv.com.


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