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Impact Martin Sheen on Social Networking

Posted on April 29 2013 in Impact Martin Sheen, Impact PBS, Impact with Martin Sheen, Martin Sheen Impact, Martin Sheen PBS, www.impactptv.com

Impact Martin Sheen on Social Networking

Social networking is changing the way we live our lives.  Sites like Facebook have made it easy to check up on the activities of all your friends with the click of a mouse.  Facebook is also a platform for businesses to let the world know their ideas and ambitions. Impact with Martin Sheen, which airs on public television, highlights companies using Facebook to further their economic goals.

Now the estimated 900 million people that use Facebook for poking and liking can own a piece of it for just $38 a share.  Facebook went public in May of 2012, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg ringing the opening bell of Nasdaq Stock Market from a continent away.  That is one example of how Facebook has changed the business world, Mr. Zuckerberg was able to virtually ring a bell.  Changes like these are discussed in depth on Impact Martin Sheen, as well as highlights in business trends for a variety of industries like manufacturing, agriculture and finance.

Facebook is not the only site people and businesses are using for social networking, Instagram is a photo sharing site that allows you to take a photo and instantly share it with the world via Facebook or other social networking sites.  Facebook acquired Instagram in April of 2012 just before they went public.  Martin Sheen PBS features businesses like Instagram as they grow in this ever-changing economy.

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