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Impact Martin Sheen on Communication in Society

Impact Martin Sheen reviews many of the important issues that are driving big changes in our society. One of the most profound drivers of our modern world is the unprecedented level of communication we have with one another thanks to the internet, and each day is it giving people an enormous amount of information.

In an upcoming report on Impact Martin Sheen public television and online at www.impactptv.com, Impact Martin Sheen PBS will showcase how communication has played a pivotal role throughout human history, setting the stage for a discussion of how our current level of communication is rapidly changing us in the modern age.

Smartphones are allowing people to communicate through a variety of mediums. Just about anyone can now convey information with far more than an old fashioned phone call. Photo transmission, video uploads, and even live video transmission have changed the way we distribute information about our own lives and absorb information about the world around us.

Impact with Martin Sheen is working on more reports on the impact of technology on our world. The team can be reached through social media for more information on how technology is impacting our world.

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