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Impact Martin Sheen on the Future of Manned Spaceflight

In an exciting report from Impact Martin Sheen, audiences will see how engineers and scientists are designing a new vehicle to help Americans reach farther into space than ever before. Around the country, the parts are being assembled to create a new launch vehicle more powerful than the Saturn V rocket that tool Americans to the moon.

The Space Launch System will be 40 feet taller than the Saturn V, coming in at more than 400 feet tall. It will carry heavier payloads at a higher velocity, giving mission planners the flexibility to consider more ambitious plans for long term outposts on the moon or exploration missions that take astronauts to an asteroid or Mars.

This powerful rocket system can be topped with the Orion crew capsule, which could accommodate crews for flights to the moon and also be used to ferry expedition crews to the International Space Station.

In these new reports, audiences will meet the men and women who are already hard at work charting America’s future in space. For more information, many people search online for Impact Martin Sheen PBS but the best way to learn more about the show is to visit the website www.impactseriesonline.com.

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